Burp Cloth Bling

I know, I know, who associates “burp cloth” with “bling”?  Probably no one but that’s what these cute little burp cloths look like to me! 

This was a quick and easy pattern to follow.  Before I saw this cute pattern, I had never heard of double gauze nor thought about using anything like it to sew with.  In my research, learned that it can be used to make lightweight summer clothes.  It looks just like the name suggests – like tightly woven gauze!  I was afraid it would be hard to work with.   It wasn’t, but it took more planning to make sure I cut it just right and lined up with the print.

Between the fabric cutting and sewing, it took a total of two hours to put together. Very neat idea for putting something together for a baby shower gift like lickety split!

I’m trying to blog more often and I’ve got another project in the works!  Until next time!



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