Take the Plunge – Learn to Sew

People often tell me they would love to learn how to sew or that they’ve got a sewing machine that’s just collecting dust and would love to put it to use but don’t know where to start.  For the most part, I’m a self-taught sewist.  I learned most of what I know through blogs that I follow, online classes, tutorials, YouTube videos and TV shows like Quilt in a Day, Sew it All and It’s Sew Easy.  Learning to sew on a machine can be intimidating.  Like learning how to cook, it takes patience, some trial and error and a don’t-give-up attitude.  With a little patience and some practice, you CAN learn to sew!  If you’re at the point where you’d like to challenge yourself to learn, make it a goal this week to take the plunge and watch a video or two.  Psssst!  Google is your friend!

My mom taught me how to sew basic things like curtains, but I knew nothing about sewing machines, so I learned about machine basics through this free online Craftsy class:

Machine Basics

I also needed to learn about what all the presser feet do, so I watched this free class:

Sewing Machine Feet From A to Z

Here are a few basic sewing lessons I recommend for someone just getting started.  I’ve taught my kids with these and they’re perfect for adults, too!

Sew a maze

Easy tote bag

While these are great for people who do well with one-way training, many find it more engaging to take a class in person. Here are a few places that offer classes in the Central Florida area:
Sewing Studio in Casselberry

The Bernina Store in Lake Mary

Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland

I’m sure there are other independent places that offer classes, too.  I also know that Jo-Ann offers classes if they sell sewing machines in the store.

That’s enough to get one started!  And remember, Google is your friend!

Until next time!



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