Teacher Gift

I picked up this receipt holder tutorial a few months ago, and just got around to making it with my kids!

This pattern is simple and easy to teach kids learning to sew. I wanted to teach my kids the value of using a pattern, so instead of just going straight to the fabric to cut, I used a paper bag from the grocery store to make templates that were easy for my kids to trace around.


Before I could go over safety on the rotary cutter, we had already managed to have a sliver cut on an index finger! Ouchie to a little one! In the end, we managed to have the older one cut out each piece.

We didn’t use the same method for the flap that’s in the tutorial. Instead, the children sewed around the sides and top edges, right sides facing, leaving the bottom open so they could turn it out and push out the corners.

The tutorial doesn’t do a good job of explaining how to finish the sides of the pockets, so we lined up the pockets and the closure strap with the interior coordinating fabric, right sides facing, then sewed all pieces together and turned them right side out. This shaved off some considerable time. All things complete, it took my children about thirty minutes to sew this project!

This makes a great teacher gift!


🙂 She helps me sew!


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