Box Pleat Blouse

A month or more since I started this blog and I’m finally getting around to a decent post!

So let’s get to it. I bought the Butterick “FAST & EASY” pattern B5354 a few months ago. I had already bought some bamboo knits at the 2014 Quilting and Sewing Expo in Lakeland, so I figured this would be a *fast and easy* blouse to make! Pattern cutting was a breeze, but the first time making box pleats threw me for a loop! A two hour loop! A bunch of re-reading the instructions, a few google searches later, and voila! The pinning is done!


Off to the sewing machine and here is what the back looks like after the box pleats are completed.


And the front…


I was pretty pleased after this part!

Pause for a few weeks while I clean house, focus on work, paint a cabinet and sandwich a quilt! Finally, after 3 hours of sewing the pieces together, wrestling with the seam ripper (this is bamboo knit, remember?) and sewing it back together…ta-da!


Note to self: invent a GPS tracking device for seam rippers!


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